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Wintering and blooming for antique climber ??

I have a pergola that is covered in winter with canvas and topped with plastic. I house my tropicals and ferns over winter under it. On the end of this pergola is a Sliver Moon antique climbing rose I panted 3 years ago. It has done a great job climbing and is a very vigorous and healthy plant. But, it has never bloomed. I fertilize it with a local rose fertilizer and use a foliar application of liquid seaweed as I do my other plants. My fear is that this rose never freezes or dies back because I protect it, am I causing the blooming issue? It is in full sun 8-10 hours a day and I am never too enthusiastic with the pruning shears, so this is the only thing I can figure. Any rose experts out there who can help diagnose my problem??? Any feedback is much appreciated.

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I'm no rose expert but I would suggest that preventing it from going into a natural dormancy period is not good.
Also, train as many growths horizontally as you can. A climber allowed to grow vertically will be less likely to produce flowers along its length; most will be produced at the top.

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Cold as can be outside this a.m. so looks like another house bound day. Spent a little time researching your rose bloom problem. I don't believe the temperature or lack of dormancy is the problem. I have a blaze climber and a pink climber of some variety, and neither one of them really appears to go fully dormant during the winter. They keep some active leaves, and seem to grow a bit during warm spells and slow down or stop during cold spells. From what I read, the two biggest possibilities that jump out are excess fertilizer or perhaps the soil is outside the necessary pH range. As with many flowering plants, too much fertilizer can stimulate top growth at the expense of flowering.

Also I read a piece about roses sometimes, for no understood reason, shooting up non flowering canes called "blind shoots". According to the article, they are generally spindly in appearance. The author suggests pruning those back to encourage new lateral growth.


Finally, one site desribed described silver moon as "with good foliage but a little shy in flowering" but did not elaborate on the comment.


Couldn't find anything relating dormancy issues to blooming and couldn't find anything that seemed to necessarily apply to your situation.

Here is a decent FAQ piece concerning rose bloom issues.


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