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Garden Watering

As a final year design student I would like to know what you think of the sprinkers on the market - do you think there is a market for a sprinkler which can move around the garden on wheels of some sort without you needing to move it? Allowing you to water your lawn and plants at night when your asleep and without the problem of evapo-transpiration. Any response would be very helpful to my understanding and project- thank you

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Isn't that problem already solved with built in irrigation systems?

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New Product

I hope by designing a product which is based more on an oscillating sprinkler this would be a cheaper more appropriate product for the normal general amateur gardener.

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Not a bad option, Russ. Opa is right about the irrigation for those as can afford it, but as someone outside that set I can see the value of what you propose. Now here's the real issues...

Some plants need more, some less. Unless you can program it to boogy through the rock garden and slow down to do the moss in the Japanese garden, it is going to be an issue for garden plants.

Irregular shapes to the yard are part of EVERY design I have ever done. Chugging back and forth in rows will not work, nor will a Roomba style "every robot for himself" irregular pattern work very well either. Needs to be programmable by walking it through the course once and having it memorize that track, or something approximating that...

Water source. Dragging a big ol' hose around is going to take a heap of motor for my yard. Is the engine going to run on battery? Needs to be awful big. Electric? Now we're dragging a cord too.

It's a toughie, Russ. Best of luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with...


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