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hydranga help Please

I have 2 hydrangeas. Last year I planted them in what I thought was a good place but it turned out to be too wet and maybe too shady. When I got them the blooms were nice and blue and then after planting them they turned brown and dried out. they looked so sad and dead. Last week I dug the plants up and planted them inside. The stems are very short but I do see so green. Not much though. Do you have any advice on what I can do to help them grow?
Thank you!

P.S. I live in zone 5 if that helps.

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Hello, eribis. I was going to reply to your question, albeit it is kind of late. I was a little confused though. If you still require an answer, can you clarify whether the blooms turned brown and dried out or was it the plant that turned brown and dried out?

I do not recommend growing hydrangeas inside the house. It is quite hard and difficult to maintain the soil moist year around in our homes. It is ok to grow them in pots though. These can be kept inside during winter, say in the garage.

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