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when can I move tomatoes outside?

I live in southern california and I was wondering when to move my tomato plants outside. Any ideas?
Thank you

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Do you mean [in the ground?]

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I'm planting 8 of my early varieties that I started in early December this week. They will be covered with clear plastic when it gets cold and uncovered for sunny days like this weekend. Since I started seed early, these plans are all 3+ feet tall and well developed at this point.

I have been hardening them for a few weeks now, taking them out and bringing them back in at night.

The next batch of seedlings (3 early and 6 late varieties) will remain indoors for the more typical April planting.

I have had better luck managing the cold with early planting than trying to deal with the 100+ degree heat which sets in May/June and leaves me with huge leafy jungles that produces no fruit.

Good Luck with your crop.

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