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How Much and Often Should I Water Mint?


i am 16 and growing mint in my science lesson for a science experiment.
We have devided into groups, and the group that i am in has decided to change the size of the pots. We will be using 3 differnt sized pots which is the only thing that we will be changing. We shall be having 4 mint plants in each of the pot size.

what i am wondering is how much and often we should water the mint, what conditions should we keep our mint plants, and how much space should actually be needed.

I would be very grateful if someone could get back to us A.S.A.P as it is very much needed, in a short space of time.


Victoria =) x

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Hello Victoria Louise,

I take it from your post that you may have already chosen 3 pot sizes so I will not advise on that except to say that it wouldn't matter a deal except that the smaller the container the faster it will dry out and need watering. If I have it wrong and you are asking what sizes to use my suggestion is 6" 10" and 15" or the nearest metric. The only upper limit is where you will be placing them. If on a classroom windowsill that will of course govern the upper limit.

Good watering always comes with experience because plants are grown in all sorts of conditions and environments. Basically the soil/compost should be allowed to dry out before watering, but not to the extent that the plants foliage begins to wilt/flagg.
A good test for the inexperienced is to press the back of the fingers onto the soil surface and if it feels cold it will not be ready for more water; if it feels warm it is drying out. Surprisingly (or not) this works better with your eyes shut thereby not being influenced by the surface appearance.

Where you grow your mint does not matter a great deal as long as it gets good light and not a high temperature. Culinary mint is a cool to cold climate plant and very hardy. If it is kept on a window sill or ledge don't place above a radiator.

Oh! and my recommendation is to use a soil/loam compost rather than a loamless one and make sure the container have a hole at the base for free drainage of excess water. Cover the hole/s by placing some rubble or broken clay pot (crocks) concave side down over it/them

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