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Mystery Plants

I work in a greenhouse in Fairbanks, Alaska and we have four plants that we have been unable to identify. We were hoping that one of you might be able to assist us in identifying these plants.

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The first looks alot like Peacock Ginger, I have a large one in my yard. It grows from rhizomes (sp?) and dissapears completely in the winter, but when the soil warms up in the spring comes back beautifully.

The second looks like a succulent I call Hen and Biddies.

Others here will probably be able to tell you the scientific names for them. :D

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I think the first plant might be Calathea roseopicta. Here are links to some images:

The following link tells a little bit about the plant:
The second picture is, I believe, as Sienna Dawn noted, a sempervivum. Here is a link to a page about them. I'm not sure which species you have.
The other 2 plants look the same to me. I think they may be Jade Plants, members of the Crassula genus. I'm not certain of the species, though. The link below will tell you a little about them.

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Cakey, welcome from Michigan! Do you work at a commercial greenhouse or one associated with the University?

Oh, by the way, thanks for sending us all that frigid air... :P

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