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ponytail palm bonsai - dying

:cry: I was given a ponytail palm bonsai from my husband in July 08 and it has done wonderfully, flourishing. I keep it on my desk at work. I came into work Monday it was beautiful as always but when I came in Tuesday 2 of the 3 bulbs were mushy and the leaves just fell out in a clump, now the 3rd of the bulbs is doing the same thing, can i save it and if so how and what would have caused this?

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Usually, this is from overwatering or a mass market pot that is sealed, leaving the plant to rot in water. If the plant is coming apart like a bad onion, as you describe, it's probably already too late.

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too much water, not enough sun - these are native to Mexico and they store water in the trunk - less water is more with these

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