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Cat Eating My Plants

Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I wasn't sure where to put this.

I'm in quite a delima.

First one:

A few months back, I noticed that my cat liked to chew on my aloe plant. The poor thing still has bite wounds, so we moved it into our front living areas where the cat's cannot get. My mother tries to water it about once a week and I fear she may be over watering it, because I noticed last night that leaf has shriveled up.

This happened before, but I replanted it because it seemed to have outgrown it's pot (and was probably over watered). My mother waters my aloe every time she waters her christmas cactus, but the cactus is fine!

I'm afraid the aloe plant is going to Die! Help?

Second one:

My cat really likes to eat cacti, and we recently brought in an odd looking one from out garage (it doesn't like the cold). I'm unsure what type of plant it is, but it grows from the bottom AND the top. It has almost a very smooth, ivory colored leaves with red/pink around the edges. It also has almost a white covering on the leaves sometimes. It recently bloomed and the flower is the same color as the plant. I believe it might be a form of cotyledon.

Well....the cat has been munching on this one too, so now it has feline nibbles and the ends of some of the plate like leaves are gone. I'm scared for the plant, but I'm also afraid that my cat is going to die from eating it!

What do I need to do?


I do have a wonderful tip for Orchids.

We own around 15 orchid plants, and my mother and I have noticed that when you let water run through the pot for about 4 minutes, the flowers grow better. I don't know why this is, but every time we simply 'water' them and let the water sit, they don't bloom as well.

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Welcome from MI--have you gone up to the Introductions section and posted yet?
As for your cat(s). I had a cactus eater and she lived to a ripe old age in spite of her eating habits. The aloe probably won't hurt but some of the other stuff might. I ended up moving my cacti to the office to save them. You might try growing some grass for kitty and place it in a sunny spot away from the other plants to distract. Keep a squirt gun or bottle handy to squirt kitty (but that requires near-constant monitoring). Yes, the aloe is probably being overwatered. It does not require the moist soil that a Christmas cactus does. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Mine is near a drafty window and only gets watered a couple of times a month in the winter.

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According to a vet which spoke on a segment at www.gardenwisdom.com a cat can die from irreversible kidney failure after eating Easter Lilly leaves or flowers. They may not even appear sick until it's too late. Be careful with that one.

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This is exactly why we need a cacti forum!

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Unfortunately, most houseplants are toxic to pets, to varying degrees.

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contains a list of 17 kinds of plants toxic to pets. The list is on the ASPCA website.

I know there are more but am working against a tight deadline and can't look it up right now.

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