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Trees Starving my Hedges

We have a 8 foot privet hedges by some trees, it would appear the trees are starving the hedge what is the best way to feed the hedges to stimulate growth?

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What kind of privet? If you posted a couple of pictures it would be easier to guess your situation, but you might try a fall (or now, winter) fertilization followed by very heavy pruning in the spring to allow more light to penetrate the privet. I did this to a worn out hedge only I decided to completely rejuvenate it by cutting it off about 8-9" from the ground. The results took a couple of years but paid off. If the hedge is too old to stand this treatment, it is probably time to replace with another shade and competition tolerant plant. Good luck!

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Feeding Privet

Privet hedge plants are gross feeders and they may be starving themselves. In spring give them a top dressing an inch thick of well rotted compost or manure. You can do this every couple of years and you will have the greenest, lushest privet hedge you ever saw.

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