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Still no tomatoes

Hi everyone, just a quick question.

I have planted 2 tomatoe plants in seperate tubs they are both over a metre high now one has green fruit but the other still has nothing and some of the flowers are starting to die. I've used some seasol to encouage it along but still nothing, is there any hope for this tomatoe plant?

Thanks, Cass

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Wow, I'm reminded that this past summer around here in the northern hemisphere, WE were all saying how our tomato plants were either not flowering much or kept dropping blossoms and not turning into fruits. :?

Now what were the causes that were mentioned? Lack of bees, climate issues, ...? Could this be a global problem? :?:

Do a search on the forum index page -- there were quite a few suggestions that came up. Good luck! :wink:

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Thanks 8)

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In the past few years that I've tried growing tomatoes, I have not had good luck - till this past spring. I purchased a tiny $1 tomato plant from the Farmer's Market here in New Orleans. Kicking myself for not keeping the name of the variety. Planted it in a planter along the sidewalk with bougainvillea, something my Trinidad neighbor calls "congo pepper" (small terribly hot red peppers the size of a quarter) and a couple of irises. Sounds crowded for 2' by 3' concrete planter, but everything is so happy and growing like Jack & the Beanstalk. We planted all of this in solid homemade compost. Besides that random neighbors do take the peppers, this is the most amazing planter. Even now in winter (after our 1st snow in years!) the plants are still producing tomatoes and peppers. The bougainvillea provides an excellent trellis for the tomatoes too! My partner says that the thorny bougainvillea provides protection for the fruit from birds. (we have tons of birds)

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That's a cool story. Amazing how things can work out when you never expect them to.

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