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Grow light/dorm room growing?

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the forum and the proud new owner of a beautiful Serissa foetida. I know that there have been questions about grow lights posted before, but I haven't really understood what anyone was really talking about :oops: Anyway, I am heading back to college in a week and a half and want to take my little tree with me, but am worried about the lack of light and heat available (it is a north facing room and constantly 63-68 degrees). I was wondering if a compact fluorescent grow light with a 105 watt/ 6200 lumen output would help me keep my Serissa happy and healthy. Any other advice on helping my little guy out in this dorm situation is also readily appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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The temperature is fine for overwintering Serissa. IME, though, they need a lot of light and humidity. If your dorm room is dry, rest it on a dish of pebbles and water, adding water as necessary. The light might be enough, but there is no substitute for natural light.

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