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Privacy shrub hedge

We live in the Houston area of Texas. A new house was recently built directly behind me and the builder removed all vegatation right up to my property line. We cannot use a fence due to the development regulations.
I have a straight line of about one hundred feet, sandy soil covered by San Augustine lawn, in full sun where I would like to plant a privacy shrub hedge.
What would be a colorful shrub and how far apart would I have to plant to give solid cover. I would like to go from say 5 gall at planting to about six feet in a couple of years. Is there anything that would do this? Many thanks to everyone who takes the trouble to reply.

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Limey (are you *really* a former British Navy sailor? Wow!), it is SUCH a pain to be treated like you have been. :x

Here's a thread from a few months ago, when someone else asked about growing a privacy hedge. Maybe some of the suggestions will be useful to you (BTW, most of Southwest Texas is in Sunset Zone 10):

Best wishes!

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