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Plum tree pruning advice, please

Due to pending building work, I may soon have to significantly prune back an aged but fruitful plum tree.
I may be able to postpone any pruning until the Spring, or am I better off doing it in the winter?
Also, are there any tips that can be sugested as how to prune the tree without damaging it?

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Location: El Cerrito, CA is an in-depth article with photographs re. pruning fruit trees of many kinds.

The Google search criterion I used was "how to prune plum trees." When I do these searches, I preferentially look for sources with .org or .edu extensions. There were several other good-looking articles; unfortunately, several of them gave seasonal recommendations based in Great Britain. Since the climates are different, I have given you the .edu source.

Hope this helps.

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Not sure where you are but as a plum is a stone fruit it is best to avoid pruning in winter as the trees are prone to fungal infection. Main one being silver leaf that will kill the tree if it gets in.

As silver leaf, cold and damp go together it is always best to prune outside of these conditions.

I lost one of mine to silver leaf a few years back.

If you prune then best if you also paint any cuts with a suitable anti-fungal paint of whatever is available.

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