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Ginseng Ficus Leaves Falling Off

Ok, so maybe I am completely just not right for being a bonsai owner, but I found an adorable Bonsai Ginseng Ficus from our local walmart in the summer and bought it. I love it. So here is my question... I would assume it's doing well because it hasn't died yet, but now the leaves are falling off. I am assuming again it's because it's fall/winter where I live (UT) and cold. Is it dying or is this a regular when it gets cold?

Also, how often should I be watering it and is there any special care instructions I should know of?

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Where is the tree situated and what kind of temperatures is it experiencing. Ficus are tropical and don't like cold weather for any length of time. Are you providing adequate lighting? These things are important in order to provide reasonable advice.

Ficus, not being deciduous, do not routinely drop their leaves in the fall although many growers experience some leaf drop when the tree is moved to a new location such as from outside during summer to inside in the fall.


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