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please help id a strange herb for me before I try to eat it.

I recently "rescued" some potted plants left behind when our Asian neighbors moved suddenly. One of these is obviously some type of herb, but I can't find it anywhere I've looked.
The leaf is serrated, sorta spade shaped and about 1-1/2" x 1-1/2". It is fairly thick, light-to-mid green, slightly fuzzy, has a mild aromatic scent and little to no taste. The stalks are thick and when cut, look hollow inside. It roots easily and I have several new babies ready to pot for friends. Would like to tell them what it is, though.

Would love to know what it is before cooking with it. Any ideas, y'all?

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can you post photos? I can't figure out your description

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[url=]How to post photos on a forum[/url]. ;)

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