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Sage has brown spots

I am attempting to keep my container herb garden growing through the winter by bringing it inside. My sage has developed brown spots on it. Is this a result of not enough light, or keeping the temperature too cool, or something else? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Growing Sage in Containers

With reference to the brown spots that are appearing on your sage plants - it would be my opinion that it is either too hot or too dry inside your home - we forget how dry it gets when heating in the wintertime!

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I have tried to winter over my herbs and apart from Rosemarie I have found it very stressful for them Not enough light, too warm, too dry......all those things and they herbs develop white fly or gnats and just do so poorly, often dying off. I have stopped trying to salvage anything for the winter (except my Rosemarie and Bay) and just take pleasure in starting over from seed in March. It brings the summer issues to the fore early in the spring/late winter and gets the juices flowing again.

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