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ABSOLUTE beginer gardener given bonsai.

hi, i recently recieved a bonsai as a gift and have no idea how to care for it.

i live in an apartment, so taking it outside is not really possible. so far i have been keeping it on my desk and leaving it under a lamp with a 60W globe for 12 hours per day. i water it once per day.

when i recieved it it had some wire around the all the branches, which i presume is to control shape. what do i do with these wires?

links to other threads/articles/websites, and any other things you think i should know would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. You have asked for quite a bit, it is a tall order to provide such information in a few paragraphs. Bonsai enthusiasts study for years/decades to learn their craft, in fact it is an ongoing process as is bonsai itself.

Start by reading the sticky threads located at the top of the forum and follow the links they contain, pay particular attention to the comments on watering, no schedule. You will see two sites referenced repeatedly and for good reason. Read everything there that you even suspect pertains to you.

For indoor bonsai this site is very useful.

Incandescent bulbs are not very good for plants. If this is what you mean by
60W globe for 12 hours per day
I would swap it out for a high lumen CFL (Compact Fluorescent) A cheap timer would not hurt either, I keep mine on 16/off 8.

Also if you want specific advice you will need to be more specific. What species are you talking about? If yo do not know post a few pictures and we'll see if we can identify it for you.

I'm sure more could be said but that should get you started.


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