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do neighbors have the right to spray my arbor vitae?

Any and all advice welcome.
We have a border of very tall arbor vitae at the back of our yard; we planted these to serve as a fence. They are all well on our property, do not extend over the adjacent back yard, and we are committed to natural gardening, so we do NOT spray them.

We just learned that the neighbor behind us has been spraying the trees each year and trimming them. They never asked about doing this and they can't seem to tell us what is being sprayed.

We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood AND a sign on our yard that identities our property as organic and child-safe.

Has anyone had a similar issue?
Can you please give me advice?
THe neighbor was flabbergasted that we would not want our trees sprayed--and seemed not to understand that they should've asked first.
This issue came up when we saw that they are installing a concrete retaining wall right behind the trees-so we are also concerned about adequate drainage for the trees. Right now they'd probably cost about $1000 each to replace.

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Whether it's legal or not would depend on your town's laws. They're different everywhere. I once had a major quarrel with a neighbor who decided that my laurel hedge needed to be 5 feet shorter than it was and proceeded to prune it back. :roll: :roll:

Like your hedge, mine did not extend across the property line at all. In fact, he had to trespass on my property to get at my hedge! Needless to say, I was furious, but I don't think he ever understood why it mattered to me that he was chopping away on my plants without my permission. :evil: :evil:

I could have sued him, but I didn't. It wouldn't have cured the damage he did. I did give him a copy of the city statutes, proving that he was in the wrong, and tell him that if he ever came on my property again, I'd have him arrested. :!:

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That's a legal question, not a gardening question, and only a lawyer is qualified to answer that for you. ;)

Perhaps you might consider seeking professional legal advice.

Good luck.

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