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Pomegranate from a seed

Great forum!! I have a question about pomegranates. My kids wanted to grow a plant, so they took a few seeds from a pomegranate they were eating and we planted them in a small container. A week later and we have three seedlings sprouting. Will these things actually grow into producing pomegranate trees? Or are we wasting our time? Thanks!

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How are your pomegranate seedlings doing?
We just ate one yesterday and decided to try planting the seeds. :D
This website has some good info:

I guess it's possible/likely that the seedlings won't fruit true, but only 2~3 yrs to fruit sounds pretty intriguing. I plan to keep 2 or 3 for cross pollination but, in my area, they'll have to stay in pots so we'll see. Drought tolerant is always welcome in potted trees though. :wink:

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I started a pomegranate from a seed about 18 months ago. Here it is now.
Pomegranate (punica granatum)
Pomegranate (punica granatum)

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