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just wanted to say hi!! newbie from TN

I have a elephant ear that is almost dead, I heard that they have to be dormant during the winter but I also saw that you can keep them alive. Mine has been a house plant since I bought it at a local store, however it has been sickly since my cat attacked it. It had 3 leaves she killed two of them a new one came out and then it just started turning orange and looked like it was molding and then the other leaf finally colapsed so i put it in the garage. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. I have always had house plants and for the most part they do well but I have never had a elephant ear before and seems like I am having no luck!!! also does anyone have a solution for pesky gnats that won 't go away. tried bug spray sudsy dish water and insecticides nothing is killing them off!!!!!

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See if this link provides you with the information you need:


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Elephant ear response

I am not sure I would leave the plant in the garage, most Taro (elephant ears) need at least filtered sunlight. If it is warm where you are take the plant outside, I am not sure they will do well recovering inside. Do you know what variety it is?

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