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Deer resistant bulbs & plants

I would love to plant some bulbs this autumn - I have always wanted a daffodil lined driveway! However, we have deer that regularly roam through the garden. I really don't want to fence the garden to keep the deer out (as has been suggested by our fenced-in neighbour) - primarily because the children love seeing them 'visit' when they come close to the house and secondly because we have 5 acres and that's a lot of fencing!

Can anyone suggest some bulbs that the deer won't like? Actually - I would love any suggestions for plants that are deer resistant. Can anyone suggest a book or website that might help too?

We are in Victoria, Canada – which I think is a Zone 7.

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In the "Deer-Resistant" department, Sunset lists 103 "Perennials and Bulbs" (as opposed to Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers & Vines, and Annuals). Many of them are suitable for Victoria (Sunset Zone 5), including dahlias, freesias, and crocuses (croci???).

Maybe your public library or a local gardening-supply store has a copy of Sunset's Western Garden Book you can look through for ideas and to see whether you'd like to give a copy of the book space in your home.

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Deer don't munch on daffs, but will on tulips. Also deer don't like alliums, crocus, glory of the snow, but I know for a fact they nibbled on my grape hyacinths.

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