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Getting overgrown lawn back to 'normal'

I live in the UK. The climate is wet in winter, with avg temperature approx 5c. In spring it has been wet for the past few years, avg temp about 14c and in Summer (usually, sunny about 50% of time at avg temp of 17c)

I have recently moved in and the garden has remained overgrown for approximately 30 years!!.

I want to pull the grass out rather than cutting it down because there are bricks and debris that has accumulated over this time mostly under the soil.

What I am noticing is some patches of tough roots that do not pull out. What I want to do is cultivate the soil so that it becomes uniform for seeding.

What is the best tool for this job? Preferably motorized or mechanical? – that will ‘’mulch’, the soil ready for raking so that a smooth surface of soil is ready for seeding?

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