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My first veg patch


I was wondering if anybody can offer me some advice?

having just completed a succesful season of growing numerous vegetables in pots in what I've effectionately nicknamed my "practice year", I cant wait to create a rasied bed and grown more next year but I'm not too sure how to go about it.

could someone tell me what sort of ratio I should use in the bed. ie. compost, topsoil etc etc?

also, I am planning on relaying my lawn. can I use what I dig up in the raised bed?


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I just bought 1/2 mushroom compost & 1/2 garden mix from the local concrete supplies. With your own trailer you can get 1 square metre for 50$ which is really cheap and will fill your average 3x3 plot. I then add blood and bone and dolomite.

The garden mix has more organic matter than the sandy loam.

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Hi Tris,
What vegetables did you grow in pots? I'm planning to start on low maintenance veggies. :)

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