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TOMATO ISSUE (yes, they're fruit!)

I have some alleged grape tomatoes, although they suspiciously look like cherry tomatoes in reality (probably fraudulent labeling). Anyhow, I've been watering them fine and spraying them well with all the regular stuff but they are coming out withered and wrinkled, like they're dry. I may have a substarte issue as I used straight potting soil and not mixed it with dirt, so maybe all thay water I give them isn't holding and running through the container.

So, if there's anyone with a solution to my problem, please e-mail me with your knowledge. My salads woyuld be greatly appreciative!!




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Grape tomatoes grow in bunches on the vine, like grapes do. Cherry tomatoes grow singly, like big tomatoes do.

Sometimes, if a plant's roots are damaged from overwatering, it cannot take up water from the soil.

I don't mix garden soil with packaged potting soil for my container-grown veggies. However, I do change the soil every year to avoid diseases. :)

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