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Question about plant food for bonsai - please help!

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good plant food to use for bonsais. I am open to store bought and homemade types, whichever works best, but I would prefer something homemade and chemical-free if possible. I try to use only natural products whenever possible.

PS I've heard that water with coffee grounds added to it is good for them, is this true? :D

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Welcome to the forum.

Coffee grounds are ok for acid loving plants such as azaleas. I wouldn't use them for any other species.

If you are growing indoor bonsai I would use any basic house plant food. Shultz and miracle-gro work well. Use as directed.

Organic fertilizer can get a little smelly and is best for outdoor plants.


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Agreed, but use the fertilizers at half the recommended strength, or less, or you may wind up with burn, or leggy plants.

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