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Rose Bush All Leaves No Flowers. End of August, What Now?

I live in Greeley Colorado. Just bought a home and there are 4 rose bushes growing out back in a rock bed.
3 of the bushes have really tall stems, like 4 feet or taller just going CRAZY but there are no roses or possible blooms just a ton of new leaf growth. The 4th bush has about 3 roses and has bloomed 2 times but is super short.

It's the end of August, so do I cut the roses back at all now or just leave them be? Aslo I read that in the winter your supposed to take all the leaves off, is this true?

Thank you so much!

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I have two suggestions:

1) Go to a local independent garden-supply/nursery and ask them for their advice on preparing local roses for the winter. It may be that you can take them some pictures of your roses, as well, for identification. It sounds like (maybe?) one of the roses was pruned this year and the others weren't, but it's just as likely that you have unsupported climbers and a bush-type rose. The pictures will help on an ID.

2) Since you're gardening in the West, take a look at Sunset's Western Garden Book, which contains TONS of instruction and information on plants that grow in the western states and provinces. Greeley is right at the edge of Sunset Zones 1B and 2A. The Western Garden Book is often available at your local public library or for reference at independent nurseries.

The roses sound like they've been cared for very well and are strong!

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