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Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow then Dying

Hi everyone-
So heres some background. I started gardening this year, with a raised bed and all sorts of vegetables. But heres my problem. A few days ago, I noticed that the tomato leaves were turning yellow, and then dieing.

These leaves are scattered throughout some of my plants. It also appears that the leaves begin to develop spots before they die. Anyways, I was wondering if you guys could help me identify what the problem is. I have attached some photos of the leaves.

thanks in advance!



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Looks like Septoria leaf spot, a common fungal disease. Remove all affected foliage and spray with Daconil or Mancozeb for best results. This time of year many people just clip the leaves and don't spray and just let the plants wind down. Wet weather and old leaves support infection, so when you get the infected leaves off of the plant you may not have another flair up for a while. Get the leaves out of the area and burn or put them in the residential trash. The spores overwinter in the soil and infect by splash up from under the plant and wind blow from further away. Spore build-up in the soil is the reason it is suggested to rotate tomatoes-potatos-peppers out of an area every couple of years. The same fungi infect all three.

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