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Scotch Bonnets! Need hot sauce recipe!

Hello fellow gardners!

We have a big problem! Our tomatoes did not do so well this year, but, we just picked 18 scotch bonnets off our one little pepper plant!

I have been searching out scotch bonnet sauce recipes and I'm not that happy with the ones I have found so far. The main reason is usually that the recipes are not cooked and require you to use up the sauce quickly, which is impossible when you're dealing with a 350,000 scoville unit fruit!

Ideally, we would like to make many bottles of hot sauce to give to friends that will keep as well as Longswood Jamaican Habenaro sauce, or Tabasco!

My husband goes through several bottles of Tobasco a year, but I think this scotch bonnet sauce will last longer! And could taste even better. I personally hate Tabasco sauce but like other hot sauces (Frank's for example is tasty).

Most sauce recipes include garlic, carrots and onions. No problem there. We want to stretch the sauce out so it's not too hot, but obviously, even stretched out, it should taste great and have a nice flavor.

Any good ideas?

Our little plant yielded 18 so far and there's at least 30 more coming!

Thanks for any help with this fun problem!

Also, should we dry them first or use some for sauce and dry the rest?

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Try recipes on this:

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