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Need suggestions for cascading perennial/vine

Hello to everyone, I'm very glad to have found this site, as the information I've picked up just by browsing over the last week has been excellent.

The situation I'm looking for help with is finding a perennial or vine that I can plant in a 30" tall raised bed that will spill over the edge of the bed and across the rocks in the front. It's not a sheer drop-off, but more of a steep slope from the top of the rockery to the ground. The area is mostly shady, as it is close to the front of the house on the North side. If no perennials fit the bill, I'd be interested in something annual as well.

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Well, I have a few suggestions. I have never tried to have them spill over the edge but, I have heard these will do okay on the north side.

climbing hydrangea vines

Than there is are a few that I have never had troble with but are known to become invasive.

trumpet vine
Boston Ivy

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