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i bought a bonsai from the mall

hi every one,
i bought a bonsai on sale at the local mall and the foliage is green on top
and browning on the bottom i figured it just needed a little (or a lot) of watering is this true or did i waste my money?

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It is hard to say without more information. Can you post a picture or several?


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Yes. please post a picture or be more descriptive - Water could be the last thing it needs!

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And, if it's one of the ubiquitous mall junipers, get it outside, ASAP.

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Yeah, Pix would Help.
The roots could be crouded or if there are rcks glued on, the glue could be giving the roots a hard time. and put inin semi-shade outside ASAP. Junipers hate indoors. My experience with them is not very good. so please post some pictures and then we can take it from there.
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