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What is this tree with 2 Different Colored Blooms?

I took this pic when in Half Moon Bay in Nov 2007. I love it! Does anyone know what it is?

Never seen a plant with 2 different colored blooms! Please take a look@@


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Photo's kinda blurry on my monitor, but it looks like a large shrub pruned to tree form. Best I can come up with, unless it was a flowering shrub grafted onto a single trunk. Can't see the leaves clearly.
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I can't tell from picture, would need a close up on blooms and leaves.

Two different colored blooms aren't as uncommon as you might think. I have had an experience with my spirea and the neighbors flowering shrub. My white spirea is now half and half. But I almost like it better it's quite the conversation piece. I also have a rose of sharon shrub with three different color blooms. I bought this that way because I couldn't decide which color + I saved money because I didn't have to buy three different bushes.

I wish I could help you find out what it is. Happy gardening. Best of wishes -shannon

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It is Pohutukawa

Looks to me as Pohutukawa or New Zealand Christmas tree Metrosideros excelsa.
The flower is red while the flower buds as they open show whitey tomentose sepals.
It is comon jn Northern New Zealand as a coastal tree
see this link:
Totara North
New Zealand

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I have absolutely no idea what that tree is. Close up photos of the leaves, bark, flowers, and the twigs would be a big help in allowing Totara to give you a positive ID though.

Totara- Nice blog of New Zealand native species. I've never been to New Zealand before but it's top of my list of places to go right after we go back to a few countries in South America. I've heard from people who have traveled to New Zealand that we should knock out all plans to go back to SA because it's so beautiful in NZ with so much to offer. By the way, love how your Country has taken such pro-active steps to protect its natural resources. Many programs around the world are being modeled after how successful your government has been keeping out all potentially invasive species to preserve NZ's natural flora and fauna. I think the savings to the tax payers alone not having to pay billions of dollars cleaning up natural areas should be incentive enough for others to follow suit... and they are.

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