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Yucca Plant

Hi, I was recently given a very deformed Yucca. It has two branches coming out of the same side and keeps falling over. The branches have lots of green growth but they're all over the place.

I'd like to keep it and make it more uniform. Can I prune the branches off? Will it sprout new branches? Will removing both branches be such a shock that it will kill the plant?

Alternatively can anyone offer some guidance to straighten the branches?

I was told that if I punctured the side of the trunk, that would most likely cause some shoots - can anyone confirm if this is true?

Please see the link below for a pictu

Many thanks in advance for your help

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Hello, and welcome to the Helpful Gardener! It's nice to have you here with us! :)

I tried to look at the image you posted, but apparently the link is incorrect. I get the error message "Not found on this server." [img][/img]

If you'd like to try to repost the image (which I would love to see!), you will find instructions on how to do so at [url=]here[/url].

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Hi there,

thanks for your messages - I've only just gotten round to catching up with this. As it happens my colleague accidently broke one of the branches off close to the main trunk. We put the broken branch in a bucket of water, and that's been doing very well. The main trunk isn't doing too badly either.

I was told that if you puncture the side of the main trunk with a screwdriver, it'll spout a new branch. Anyone know if that's true?

Thanks for all your comments / suggestions!

Cheers, Tom.

ps. here's the correct link (prior to my pal breaking one of the branches off) & img=DSCF2731.JPG

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