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Help me stop the death of my tree?! please.. thx

I have a I think Chinese juniper. I'm not sure, but it looks like the karate kid tree and it's leaves are like pine needles.

It's my first tree ever and I love it. I got it last Christmas, and the person who gave it to me said all I had to do was water it every two days, which I've been. Then once in a blue moon I gave it a tad bit of miracle grow just so it would get new nutrients. I've also misted it's leaves because I know they breath through them also.

It's indoors and gets some sunlight in the morning (maybe not enough? idk)

NOW some of the leaves are dead on one part of the tree and it's spreading. They turned yellow and i can prune them off easily. (It's only a third of the tree that is like that)

FIRST incident: back in march, I brought it to my boyfriends bc i was going to be there a while. His roommate while drunk tore it off n threw it on the ground! I was so mad! I found it the next morning, but it seemed ok. The roots seemed fine. So I put it back in the pot.

Now it's like I said turning yellowish and leaves falling off. (that was the only incident btw) I don't know what to do. help...

Sorry for the novel lol.. but thank you

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I see that in another thread you mentioned that you will post pictures later so I'll wait to see them. If you need assistance posting them look [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3724]here.[/url]


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Crispy junipers are usually past the point of no return. Almost any coniferous tree sold for the purpose of, or as a, bonsai will invariably fail. Some exceptions are tropical pines that are very rare in common market bonsai culture, Podocarpus yews, which are also not terribly common, but not rare, those kinds of trees. If this is a mass market bonsai, chances are virtually 100% that it is either Juniperus procumbens "nana" or Juniperus horizontalis. Neither are suitable for indoor culture in most situations.

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