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feeding my bonsai

I have recently got a japanese red maple bonsai and my fertilizer says mix 5ml with 1 litre it is a bonsai fertilizer but how much do I use each time I feed and how is it best apllied. the bonsai is about 25 -30 cm tall
would be gratful of any advice

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I'm not a bonsai grower, but since no one else responded, I'll take a stab at it. To start with here's an article about Japanese Maple bonsai:


It says to fertilize every other week in spring and summer. In fall switch to no nitrogen fertilizer and in winter, when it is dormant, don't fertilize.

Using your liquid mixed fertilizer, I would guess you just drench your soil with it.

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Mix it according to the instructions, and water with it every week or so. Be sure to water the soil well before applying the fertilizer water as this prevents the roots from burning. I do not fertilize my maples during the winter when they lose leafs and are dormant.

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