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Snails and cats grrr

Hey all hope you can help. We have a terrible snail problem in our garden, we don't seem to get as many in the long flower bed by our fence but we get tons in the brick raised beds we have and just a few weeks ago they ate ALL my new little plants I put in, Im real upset as they were gonna be fab! We also have a cat problem next door has lots of cats and they often poop in the raised beds which means we have to put wire over everything :x I was wondering could anyone recommend some plants the snails wouldnt touch? I have two small lavenders in and they havent been near that, also any tips on how to rid it of cats are there any plants they don't like? I cant get flowering plants as the wire would squish them, its ok if they are small and grow through the wire. Look forward to hearing from you thanks xxx

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Not sure about the snails, but as for the cats get some Catnip. Sounds counter intuative, but get it and plant it near the fence. That way, they'll get to interested in the Catnip to poo in your raised bed. OR get a dog.

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There are a lot of threads about how to combat snails. Just enter the word in the search box at the top of most pages on the forum, and you'll find a ton of suggestions.

My personal preference is to go out at night with a flashlight and hand pick the critters. Then I drop them on the ground and step on them. Do this faithfully for one entire season -- spring, summer and fall -- and you will get the problem under control. At least that has worked for me. I still go out snail hunting about 3 nights a week, but none of my plants suffered much in the way of damage this year. Most of the snails I've found have been tiny, about 1/4 inch in diameter, not like the 1 1/4-inch monsters I was finding last year. :shock:

Snails are hermaphrodites, but can also mate in the usual manner. Either way, they lay viable eggs about 6 times a year. Every snail you kill today means as many as 2400 that won't be around to munch on your plants next year. :wink:

I know that ducks love to gobble up snails, so if you're in an area where you can keep ducks, you might want to try that. :)
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