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Shrub is sick, help!


I need to identify the shrub in the photos. The one on the left has these spots and has lost a lot of leaves lately. Can someone tell me whats wrong and what to do?

I live in SW Arkansas and it has been raining a lot lately.

Thanks, Jimmy D.


Sick Bush

Healthy one

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I don't know anything about what kind of bush this is, but have you seen any bugs under the leaves or on the leaves?

But if it was bugs why just this bush and not the ones next to it ?, weird

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No bugs noted, just spots.

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The shrubs are one of the Photinas, probably P. Fraseri or "Red Tip Photina". They are suffering from a common disease called Entomosporium Leaf Spot. Sanitation is the best way to control this problem. Remove any old foliage from beneath and arround the shrubs. It is spread mostly by splashing water. Newly emerging foliage is particularly susceptable particularly when it emerges during wet weather.

I suspec all three plants are affected to some degree or another. I can't say why the middle one seems to be more vulnerable. I would start with a a good cleanup around the plants including removal of affected leaves. It is likely infection of current year's foliage has occured and will show later in the season. If you start removing live leaves there is the chance you will play the role of splashing water so treating the plants with a daconil containing fungicide right after you work on them may help reduce new foliage infection.
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