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Tilling a large area with tree roots, stumps, and rocks

I have a large area, about 30 by 50, that my over all goal is to have grassed over. The area was once basically wooded with pack of sandra, never maintained. I have taken the trees down (stumps still left in), and am to the point where i want to till the soil because there are lots of shoots coming up (i think from the roots of the trees - beech trees) and a lot of weeds/wild grasses, not to mention the pack of sandra. Last year we covered it in wood chips, but the weeds really got out of hand. The area is very rocky (with large rocks!) my question is: can you use a powered roto tiller in an area with rocks. if not, what are other options to clear the soil. it is just too big to do by hand! And any other advice on keeping weeds down would be appreciated (I probably wont get grass down this year(maybe fall), so looking for intermediate steps/ideas)

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Yes tilling it might help as well as turning in the mulch but you might want to put down some Roundup first, on a hot sunny day and then wait five days before tilling. You should have pointed pick tines or else you could ruin the tiller.

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