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Disease in lawn?

My neighbor has not pruned the bushes between our houses for 2 years and there are oak trees growing out of them. I had my side pruned but could not afford to do the rest. My grandson's plane went over there and I went to get it and was horrified -- from his house to the bushes between us is mostly bare dirt with a tuft of green here and there and a tuft of brown here and there. Whatever it is I don't want it in my lawn. I do have some bare spots and pulled on the grass around them and it held tight so I do not have grubs (yet) if that is what he has or could it be some kind of lawn disease.

I think he hasn't pruned so I could not see his yard. The back is not as bad as the side but really doesn't look all that healthy. Mine does have some bare spots from the severe winter in MA and they are mostly on that side. Fortunately half the yard has mulch between his yard and mine but the front half where his is just terrible just has those bushes. lol

Thanks for any help

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I'm very doubtful that it is anything you have to worry about. Shade, compacted soils, lack of water and other cultural factors can severely limit turf growth. Almost every lawn has grubs unless chemical use has made it a biological desert - it is question of quantity rather than whether or not they are present.

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