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HELP!!! My weeping pussy willow is dieing!!

First of all I'm a newbie to your site. I am also a very NEW and hesitant gardner. I have a black thumb so.................

My landscaper planted a weeping pussy willow for me last year and now it is slowing dieing branch by branch. I was not given any care or pruning instructions so in the fall I pruned it back just a bit and removed any wild branches, etc. It came back beautifully this spring, had beautiful, fluffy pussy willow flowers and now it is dieing. Have I lost it? What can I do to try and save it. It was a very expensive tree and I would hate to have to replace it. HELP!!!

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They should have given you a year's warrenty, if they planted it so call them up and have them check it out. It could be from lack of water.

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