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Hello! I am new to this site and would be very grateful if anyone can help me sort out my lovely Hypericum hidcote which has started to yellow from the base up. The flowers are ok at the moment but I can smell trouble ahead!!! I hv been watering frequently as it was very droopy last week but has since perked up. Any help would be fab.

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Hypericums are remarkably pest and disease free. The only possibility I know of in that respect is 'rust' which would appear as orange or brow spore masses on the stems and leaves.
My thoughts are with a period of dryness at the roots which if prolonged would eventually result in dropping leaves - likely to first turn yellow.
If you are on quick draining light or sandy soil I would make sure the surrounding ground is thoroughly soaked - which I'm sure you have already done, and then apply a thick layer of garden compost or other mulching material over the immediate and surrounding area.

Conversely a waterlogged soil will also produce yellowing of the leaves and subsequent leaf fall.

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