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scrawny, yellow tomato plant

A friend of mine left me her potted tomato plant while she's on vacation for two weeks. This thing is sad! It's tall, skinny, yellow and has no blooms or buds. I thought she must have watered it to death so I've held back on watering. Any ideas for anything I can add to the soil. This is her first foray into tomato gardening. she said she used an organic potting soil. Her other plants look skinny, but ok. Also, I did hit it with a little Miracle Grow. I'm stumped but determined to turn it around by the time she gets back in two weeks.

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Well yellowing tells me that there is a lack of Nitrogen but, don't use synthetic fertilizers. Get some manure and some compost and repot the plant using this mix and the existing soil as the mix. Bury as much of the stalk as possible pinching off the lower branches.

With regard to watering, stick your fingers in the soil to see how damp it is, once it dries out a little give the plant a good watering and then leave be testing the soil daily.

If you can find it, Kelp meal is a great ammendment as well. A handful will do a plant for the entire season as it is slow release.
Feed the soil, not the plants.

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