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Fruit Tree Identification

Hello! I've been trying for weeks to identify a tree that is on my new home's property in Washington State. I believe it's a plum tree but I am not entirely positive because the fruit looks red too soon, too small and I can't find a matching tree anywhere. I moved in after bloom so I don't know what color the flowers were and isn't it too soon for cherries? Please help me, it's driving me batty. :D


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Re: Fruit Tree Identification

I don't know from just these pics, but it could be a plum. There are so many types of plums, more than there are of cherries and they come in all colors. I suspect this is still not ripe and is likely to be a black plum. One way to tell is to crush one of the fruits to see the pit inside. If it's flat and almond shaped, it's a plum. If it's round and almond scented, it's a cherry. The almond scent thing was just too fun of a comparison to not include here, but it won't help you unless you hammer the hard seed open, and maybe not even then. It's the cyanide in the cherry pit that smells almond-like.

With a tree that big, chances are your neighbor knows what they are.

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Re: Fruit Tree Identification

Hi thanrose,
They look rather like cherry plums to me.
Usually grown more for their blossom than the fruit. On some varieties it's quite pleasant to eat or for jam making.

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