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Cherry Tree Sick?

Hello fellow gardeners!

I just bought a new house in winter, and now everything is growing so been real busy.

I am almost positive this is a cherry tree, but no fruit, I don't recall blossoms either but please help. There is what appear to be some sort of infestation, see picture. Also I think it has black rot on the base, didn't grab a picture the rot or mold. Please help!!!

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Re: Cherry Tree Sick?

That looks like severe attack of soft scale insect Javajuice.
It can be a devil to remove as the waxy coating it puts out protects it from the chemicals.
As your tree has no fruit on it this year you can use a chemical insect spray several times through the summer. That way you will control the larvae stage if the pest. And stop the infection getting bigger while slowly killing the adults. Add liquid soap to the mix to make sure the pests get fully wet.
Where you can scrape off the scale ...every little helps.

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