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Help plants seem to be dying!!!

i live in north Mississippi and planted my first garden this year... I planted everything a few weeks ago and they came up quick and looked good... then it started raining and has rained every day or every other day since and has gotten cold on top of that for a few days! I added 8-8-8 a week ago and I now have had 4 tomatoe plants die and all my cucumbers and half of the squash and zucchini plants have died as well! Here are few photos of what I'm dealing with... I really hope someone can help!

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Re: Help plants seem to be dying!!!

No photos showed up in your post, but by your description of things it could be root rot from all the rain, especially if your garden area holds rain water. We've been having unseasonably cooler than normal weather for the past few days and I'm at least a few hundred miles south of your in New Orleans, so I would imagine your nighttime temperatures are a good bit cooler and that too could have an effect on new plants.

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Re: Help plants seem to be dying!!!

Your photos would really help though if you can add them...

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Re: Help plants seem to be dying!!!

Welcome to the forum. Welcome to gardening. Yes, the first thing you will learn is that plants do get sick and die, and lots of critters and diseases get after your plants at times.

Rain and cold, not good for the plants. Usually they will survive though unless it freezes.

" I added 8-8-8 a week ago" Hmmmmm, be advised that too much fertilizer can kill plants. Always be careful adding fertilizers and follow the directions on the containers carefully.
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