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Live Veggie Plants in the Winter - US

Is there a reliable nursery selling live veggie plants year round in the US? Doing a demonstration/product trial indoors using stackable pots and a growtent through the winter..I'm in Western New York State

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Re: Live Veggie Plants in the Winter - US

I know of no nursery selling live plants in winter. I am going to suggest planting seeds. Good luck with your project.
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Re: Live Veggie Plants in the Winter - US

You have a "frost-risky" location ~ if that's a word ;).

How about giving Richters Herbs a try? "Please note: Potted plants are shipped April to November, weather permitting."

I have been pleased with plants I have bought from them and they may not be shipping very far from your location. You have used "Veggie Plants" in your post but maybe some creative thinking and some shared ideas with the Richters person on the telephone would work for you. I clicked peppers, tomatoes and kale - they do say the plug packs are "sold out" but there is still a price for a /each.

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Re: Live Veggie Plants in the Winter - US

There has to be someone growing plants this time of the year when I lived in Arizona the only time you could buy plants for sale was November at Lowe's, Home Depot and a farm supply store in Glendale AZ on I-202. 1 tomato plant will cost you $5 each in AZ at Lowe's the farm supply store had better prices 4 plants for $3. Grow your own plants from seeds like I did I refused to pay those prices.

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Re: Live Veggie Plants in the Winter - US

Heh. I always find it hilarious to see plants that were obviously grown in some other container in some other set up/growing conditions, simply plunked in containers that are being marketed for the photo shoot or demonstration..... :>
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