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Bulgarian Carrot

Bulgarian Carrot pepper

How CUTE! :-()


I originally wanted this because someone recommended it as a short -growing variety that will be good for pot-culture. I finally got one to grow Image

Definitely potting this one up soon and bringing it inside to grow over the winter. Hopefully it will produce more fruits so I can collect seeds (less chance of accidental cross in the house) ;)

This isn't where I got the seeds from, but here's a nice concise description. Cant wait to taste mine :()
Peppers - Organic - Bulgarian Carrot Pepper Conventional & Organic ... epper-seed

Bulgarian Carrot Pepper
70-80 days. The 18-inch tall plant will produce clusters of peppers that are 3 1/2 inches long, and ripen from green to fluorescent orange. Its real gift is an intense fruity flavor, which finishes hot. Crunchy flesh is perfect for roasting, but the flavor is superb for pickles, salsas, chutney, and marinades.

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Just got some seeds from a pepper to germinate myself, going to plant them tonight and keep them indoors.

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