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Can you help me identify a rose with sentimental value?


My late mother had a rose that was grown as a cutting from her grandmothers rose garden. I am very new to gardening, but I have managed to grow several cuttings (luck > judgement).

It would be wonderful to know more about the rose. Especially if its a climber or not.

I think it might be a hybrid tea (?) Its the pink one in the pictures (the fully grown one is my mothers, the ones in pots are my cuttings). I'm less interested int he peach coloured rose...but for a bonus point???

Click the link for pictures:

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


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Very pretty!

I know nothing about roses. But there is a searchable database of roses. You can put in the information you have about your rose, color, bloom type, fragrance, petal, etc and it will give you a list of rose varieties that fit those characteristics with pictures.

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