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Four O'Clocks and Cosmos.

Hi Folks,

The directions for planting Four O'Clocks and Cosmos say to keep the seeds wet until germination. Okay, they have now germinated. Does that mean I stop watering them and let nature take care of the watering? Or should I still water them? I've been watering them everyday since germination and I'm thinking that I might kill them with all the water. Help!

Thanks for the info.

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These are planted in the ground?

Definitely slow down on the watering. But remember that your little seedlings so far have very small root systems, so they can't get water from very far down. So don't let them dry out much. You can go to every other day (and rain counts as watering, so the second day from rain or watering) for awhile and then gradually space it out more as the plants (and roots!) get bigger.

As you water less often, you need to water deeper. No point in watering the seedlings deeply, because they can't get to that water, but eventually you want to encourage deeper roots, so put more water on less often.

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