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Water lotus from Tuber :: Help needed.

Hi All,

This is Deepak from Odisha, India.

This morning I collected some lotus tuber from a pond near by my home. I collected the soil from the same pond too. My intention is to grow lotus plant and later flowers from the lotus tuber. I am using a water pot do so and put the pot on my house's roof where it will get sunlight around 6-8 hours minimum a day.

Now, what I did, I made a soil bed (that I collected from the pond) on the pot and put the lotus tuber inside the soil. Please note that tuber had some roots with it. Then I filled some water above the soil.

Now my question is, did I do the write thing and will it be transferred into a plant?? If so, how many days will it be required to see new leafs coming?? What extra things should I do??

Kindly do give me your suggestions...Looking forward to hear back soon.

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