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What variety of tree is this?

I have a few photos of some trees which would I think would look good in my small yard.



I was told that it's a Yoshino Cherry. But after posting this in another forum, someone there suggested that it might be another type of cherry.

Yoshinos can get rather big, but as far as I can tell these examples haven't gotten any bigger in the last two years.

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Have you any idea what colour the blossom is?
There are so many different varieties it is almost impossible to identify from bark alone.

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Looks like a Cherry to me. Could very well be Yoshino. If you have a small yard, a Yoshino might not be the best choice for you. Presumably you are attracted to the blooms on this species. I don't know where you garden but there are several serviceberries coming to mind that are readily available that might work better for you in an area where height and spread will be a concern. Many other equally attractive alternatives to a Yoshino will be out there for you to choose from depending on where you are.

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If it seeds rapidly and has jagged edges (kind of hard to tell) then it may be a form of cherry called a Carolina Laurel Cherry. There are several on my property and my neighbors. The problem with them is they spread rapidly. Constatly pulling up little ones. Hope this might help. They also bloom little white flowers early spring.
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